About Us

SCAZO is a company that specializes in supporting, large, small and medium sized companies, Micro enterprises, one man companies, liberal professionals and Associations in areas of accountancy, human resource management, consultant management and tax advice.

Accuracy is achieved through work of the highest quality, respecting the principles of work ethics, zealous in fulfilling obligations and commitments and the use of innovative appropriate techniques and methodologies.


SCAZO does not neglect the key element in this business, which is confidentiality, a prerequisite to the success of the mission, totally and absolutely guaranteed by the architecture of the system and the ethic and formal commitment.

SCAZO has as an objective to be a company of reference, within it´s sector, making available services with quality which are adapted to the needs and expectations of each of our clients.


The orientation supported in a partnership and mutual trust and a constant search for effective satisfaction of your legitimate objectives aims for Excellence in your organization, using innovation as the main strategic vector. We have a team of skilled and experienced technicians, who are continually training and improving in their human resource skills, with an investment in technology and information systems in order to add value to their customers businesses and meet the expectations of it´s employees and suppliers.